The Behind the Scenes of the Coffee Truck

In the fall of 2016 Scott decided to do something different after spending the majority of his career as a mechanic.  He brought a totally wrecked 1970’s mail truck home and told his wife, Cleann, he was going to build a self-sustainable mobile coffee & espresso truck for coffee and espresso catering.  Scott’s idea evolved from his experience in high school, where he took a small business development class and learned how to operate an espresso stand.

Fast forward to the fall of 2017 and Gotta Have Coffee, LLC was formed out of Scott’s mechanical skills and a vision for offering Portland a mobile coffee & espresso truck.  Scott erected the truck from the ground up while exploring coffee roasters, equipment suppliers, and the overall coffee market in Portland, Oregon.  The mobile coffee & espresso truck goes to the customer and therefore creates a mobile coffee & espresso catering experience.

Scott is a barista who serves some of the best coffee in town using Caffe Umbria beans.  He takes pride in his work, enjoys being out and about in the community, and shares his smile and good laugh with everyone.  Scott finds joy in making everyone’s day better, especially with a good cup of specialty coffee and a funny story or two.

Gotta Have Coffee Catering Truck history in pictures



Defined by a creamy body and delightful sweetness that lasts through the finish. Find milk chocolate and dried fig notes in this rounded and subtly complex coffee. Gotta Have Coffee uses this blend for all specialty espresso drinks.

Characteristics: Creamy | Milk Chocolate | Cream | Dried Fig Primary

Origins: Brazil | Colombia | Guatemala



This blend was crafted to pair uniquely with the sweet characteristics of milk and cream. Taste molasses, pecan and hints of banana in this Golden Bean North America medal-winning coffee. Gotta Have Coffee uses this blend for pour over coffee.

Characteristics: Harmonious | Molasses | Pecan | Banana

Primary Origins: Peru | El Salvador | Uganda



This creamy-bodied decaffeinated coffee possesses low acidity, notes of milk chocolate and nut with hints of black tea. Gotta Have Coffee uses this blend for all decaf coffee.

Characteristics: Smooth | Milk Chocolate | Hazelnut | Black Tea Primary

Origins: Colombia | Costa Rica