Gotta Have A Mobile Espresso Truck

Scott and I started our mobile espresso business in August on a whim.  Even though we were legit with licensing we were sketchy at best in day to day operations.

At first, I followed Scott in my car as he drove the espresso truck through Portland.  I prayed we didn’t get speeding tickets as we zipped in and out of traffic.  I feared traffic light cameras, motorcycle cops, and bicyclists.  One time the mirrors fell off the espresso truck on the freeway.  I crashed into them with my car as we headed to girl scout camp.  We parked on street corners, went through neighborhoods like the ice cream truck, and hustled cup by cup.  Sketchy.

As I gained more courage I rode on the wheel well in the back of the truck.  I put my sunglasses on and ducked my head low so as to not get busted.  I wore a hoody to hide my face just in case I saw someone I knew.  I envisioned the headlines…  vice principal arrested for not wearing seatbelt and resembling the unabomber in mobile espresso truck.  Sketchy.

One time Scott had me sit on a fold up chair that he tied down with bungee cords.  You know the kind that you fold up for camping.  Yep.  I sat in it as we rolled up Sylvan Hill with a bad transmission. I kept telling myself “its ok I’m from Montana” as I held on tight for my life trying not to show my trepidation.   Sketchy!

Then there was the time when I ran into Costco to get some products for an event while Scott waited in the espresso truck.  I walked out with my milk and heard security talking about our truck parked in the fire zone selling coffee.  Apparently, Costco doesn’t support small business competition with their food court.

We learned pretty quickly that Starbucks didn’t support our competition either.  Especially when Scott parked right outside their storefront in Sellwood to sell coffee and espresso to pedestrians.  The manager told Scott it was tacky and Scott responded by taking pictures of our little coffee truck with the Starbucks storefront.

Through November and December Scott and I drove the truck to holiday bazaars.  You know what we learned?  If the title says bazaar it means it is bizarre.  The elderly do not enjoy fancy coffee.  Hustle, hustle, hustle.  Sketchy.  We sold Americanos as a black cup of coffee to everyone.

Our new year’s goal.  Improve professionalism.  Increase marketing.  Make a profit.  Don’t be sketchy because we don’t gotta have sketchiness


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